Friday, October 30, 2009

Gone in 120 seconds....

In the depths of the recession, a local radio station gave some of their unemployed loyal listeners a chance to come on the air in the morning and tell the radio audience about themselves, specifically with a view to finding a job. The station would also post their resume on the web site, for further information and reference. But, to me, the key was the chance to talk for three minutes about themselves, their history, skills, aspirations, wants. Why should I, as prospective employer, be interested in them? A classic “so, tell me a bit about yourself” situation. Some of the so, tell me stories were awful. It just hurt to listen to some of the people strangle the golden-egg-laying-goose that they had just been handed, to sledgehammer the silver tray upon which the goose was presented. Some were very good. These people had obviously spent some time and effort finding out a bit about themselves and were prepared to share. One in particular was not going to go off air until she had told us very clearly where to find her web site. In three minutes, she had managed to say enough to make people interested in checking out the web site. Brilliant. Given the situation, I think the key is not to make the host of the morning program pull your teeth. Rather, if you have three minutes to tell a wide audience about yourself, seize it. It is more than enough time to demonstrate what sets you apart and how you bring value to the table, to broadcast your "so, tell me a bit about yourself"
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